Solid State control of electrics

My motorsport year did not turn out so well only running the Daihatsu once and the Subaru four times. University studies and unexpected emergency surgery have meant there is a pile of parts ready to fit up and quite a few things still to make. I’m pretty good with most things, but I really hate doing electronics. my understanding is fair (heck I can use an oscilloscope). It’s just not an area I have much automotive experience in. I am not at all happy with the additional wiring in the Mira. Latter this year once all the body work is done I hope to redo the the wiring as well as install an Autronic ECU. I am keen to reduce clutter and improve reliability hence I’ve been having a good look at solid state type “fuse blocks”. MOTEC and the like are beyond my budget, however, I am looking at motorcycle specific systems. The one I have warmed to most is the Motogadget M-unit blue ( As a track type car (with rego still for short test runs from home) I need only the basics. Thoughts anyone?


Wow… I’ve never seen anything like this… I’ll have to get my head around it first.

How you’d wire it on a CB750. Basically an IC chip that is an auto reset fuse and relay in one.

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Looks very interesting Mr_gormsby…

It has arrived, got the wiring kit that goes with it also. It’s a stately looking item (pun intended) that was certainly not made in China. Now looking for a solid state switch to use as a kill switch.

wow awesome, i am almost word for word the same position as you :slight_smile:
although not totally with you on the autronic :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve played with them a little - but found the link better - and i like their after market gauges and sensors to work better …for another day

I’ve been slow on the uptake as well - not surgery, but a stint in hospital that tried to remove me from the earth has meant build progress not going so well …anyway, i’ve got IT background and with switching and especially ecu related coding etc i’ve always been into my solid state control - and had the m-unit on my watchlist for some six months or so!

would be very interested to see what you think
are you planning to re-wire as well? or just work through thinning out first - then replace?
i love mil-spec plugs and ptfe wire jobs :slight_smile: but strangely have always done them for others and not taken the time for myself - but that’s about to change

will watch with interest!

A newer ECU would be nice, but I have already got a lot of Autronic looms, air sensors, two Autronic CDI (and a M & W cdi) and various patch looms for two SMC, two SM2 and a pnp Subaru SM4 sitting around (I even have a really old Haltech fuel only F7). Though they area pain to set up, tune wise they are not to bad.

Rewire is the plan. However, I will be patching into the rear and front lighting as they begin their long runs and using much of the engine harness. All behind the dash will be redone. Heater will only be a ceramic blower on the windscreen, after market motorcycle dash (3cly tacho), the m-unit blue and when I figure out what to use - solid state control for cutting power from the alt and solid state kill for lithium battery under the passenger seat.

First job is to lay a fair size patch of concrete in my new garage bay so I finally have better elbow space to work. So far the space I’ve worked in had meant pulling a door off the car to make life simpler or shifting the side of the car not being worked on up against one wall of the narrow space.

haha funny that’s my situation too. just clearing space for some concrete - otherwise i have gravel driveway to lie on :confused: