Some loose questions

Hi Guys!

First problem with having the diff lock …the joint shaft lasted less than a candy …:neutral_face::neutral_face:

Question for the experts … someone knows some way to reinforce these, could buy the spare parts, but if they last only one race like that it would not count…

I have a second question is more a doubt … some time ago there was a post of modifications for the L700 but it seems that it does not exist anymore. In that post there were some photos to make rear camber with welding a few plates.

Someone will have photos of this modification to have an idea?


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Now that you have a taste of both wheels driving, look into an LSD. If you had to stay with a locker, then here are some thoughts or questions.

If you broke a shaft, where did it crack? Rather than wanting rigid shafts I would want some twisting in the shafts such that they act like torsion bars. Fist thing I would try is gun drilling them second would be if they are breaking at the spline then reduce the diameter of the middle section of the shaft over the greatest distance possible so there is twist. I am actually dealing with an issue on a rwd race car where the joints keep breaking. We have gone to a bigger Skyline R35 cv unit of a bolt on design. image . Consequetly everything else is custom.

One set are billet and the spare set are a hybrid of original parts with custom flanges welded on. Was not a cheap exercise.

I’ve thought of going to a bolt on design for the inner cv just to simplify pulling the engine and gearbox out.