Something to bounce around Borneo

So I’ve relocated to Brunei, on the island of Borneo (the jungle is never far away) and we needed something that could handle some of the potholes etc on poorly maintained roads at times.

What better to bounce around the jungle in than a Jeep Wrangler. I know Jeep’s don’t have the greatest name for reliability, but these Jeeps have such a strong aftermarket scene that most/all the bugs are known and can be fixed.

Buying a 2nd hand car in a different country is always fun; i beleive this one has only minor mods:

  • 20" “Fuel” rims
  • Smittybilt front and rear bumpers and side steps / rock sliders.
  • Black Vented bonnet
  • Steering Dampner

It has both the hard and soft tops included and a factory infinity sound system (not great, but not terrible). Also we’ve recently tried the soft top out and found that it has never been used from factory, so good to air it out and makes sure it all seals. Also have just removed the rear seats entirely for better load carrying as with the 2dr version, the rear seats are very difficult to twist yourself into and leave little boot space. But since it is just the two of us, this will be perfect!

It may not be the Daihatsu Terios that I was fist thinking of, but being close to Malaysia now there are plenty of small nuggets that might tempt me once I get settled properly.


And here I am doing a move that is 3 hrs away and thinking it’s like a new country.
Hey as much as we all love Dai’s my current daily is a kia pregio for it’s usability and convenience.
Honestly, I think most dais are faster and have more get up and go than the Kia.
The jeep looks alright and if they are popular there with heaps of parts and mods available then great choice and why not!

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Some weird and wonderful things here to tempt me.
Reading all these posts about Move’s…should i?
JBDET with a VQ55 turbo…

*full disclosure - I know nothing about these things


that is beautiful! Are you sure its not a jbj| and is that an L900

I honestly don’t know. I haven’t delved into the Daihatsu world past my Sirion…except for a test drive of a copen.

The advert reads:
“Daihatsu Move Turbo (auto)…

Engine JBDET 4 Cylinder Turbo (pass jpd)

Turbo upgrade VQ55 (rare)

New Aircond compressor

New quick release Greddy sport steering

New fuel pump

New bushing replaced

New rim 15 + tires

New coil replaced + sparkplug

Original SQV HKS

2 Amplifier (competition woofer 12 + mid range)

New paint

New sport spring

New sunvisor

New amaron battery

New gearbox mounting

Roadtax on”

*JPD next to the engine is the vehicle inspection dept here. So perhaps if it is a JBDET it needed approval?

Is there a telltale way to distinguish between both engines?

Not really a tell tale way to tell between that I know of, The turbo is a stock copen/jbdet one from memory. I know if it is a jbdet I would be happier than if it was a jbjl.
They are both pretty much about the same but from memory the jbjl can rev to 8.5 or 9krpm and the jbdet limiter is 8k rpm.
From what I have seen in Australia and have no data to back it up other than what I have seen, is nearly every jbjl ends up with a damaged engine which is usually bent rods.
My belief this it due to the higher limiter of the jbjl causes that little bit more stress on the engine and causes the issues.
I believe that is why Daihatsu then limited the jbdet to 8k instead for this reason.
As I said though I have no data or proof to back it up at all just something I have noticed over the years and then mad an assumption about the rev limiter on what I have seen.

Someone else may know a better dishtinguiable feature between the 2 engines. Michaeal Rattenbruy comes to mind who may know. I just cant remember his username here (if he still is here) He is on the FB group though still . (I think)


The jbjl also has a poorly designed water pump vs the JB-DET causing overheating issues that the DET avoids with the updated pump design

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that would explain a bit then :slight_smile:

With that said the jbjl waterpump gets installed into JB-DET engines to fix clearance issues when fitting into Mira, move etc… I didn’t do that though I used a hammer lol

The guy @evilhighway was mentioning is @601to602

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I heard it was MC Hammer.

Also Yes that is the person I just could not find his old username of 501to501 which was on the old daiforum

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