Sources for parts?

Hi, everyone. is there a common place to find valve stem seals and rocker gaskets for EF-EL engines?

my ef has started burning a bit when under vacuum so i’d think that’d be the seals, probably about time they’re done anyways.

if anyone has a reliable place to buy parts from may you post the link?

I may have found a lower kkm motor so I thought I’d give it a shot and take it apart and put new bearings, rings and seals in, though that’ll take time and money.


Bursons used to be able to order the stem seals in for these or else get a VRS kit. I have replaced them for your said problem but it was never a fix. Typically they need rings as well. EF-EL blocks are very soft cast. Be careful rehoning if you get that far. But if you want to do seals make a crompressed air fitting for the spark plug holes and a device to hook under the cam to push the valve spring down. With a decent capacity air compressor and the piston at the bottom of its stroke put compressed air to it to hold the valve up. Push the retainer down, removed collets and valve spring. One at a time do the valve stem seals.


Thanks! I’ll give bursons a enquiry and see if they have any, if not I’ll look for a VRS kit.

have a great week, thanks for your reply.