Spark plug tube seal

Hello.In a spark i saw oil in white piece of spark.
Does anyone know if i unscrew the valve cover can i replace the 3 rubber seal for sparks and the number to find it?
I can order it from Dai dealer to replace it?
If i put silicon in the orings?s-l400

What year and model of car?

Cuore L701 1000cc auto 1999mod.

Hello Jimmy, I found the parts you want here in Greece, Thessaloniki. Unfortunately it’s a set of gaskets. I didn’t find them separately.

Here are all the gaskets in the search of the site, for Cuore L701 engine:

Hello my friend but no it has not the oring in this set.

I do believe those are the o’rings you are looking for. Just give them a call or send them an email, to check if the set has all 3 inside. :grin: Besides If you open the valve cover, you will need the rubber gasket aswell! Not to mention that you will have the other gaskets if you notice that you need to open the engine even further…


The EJ-DE motor gaskets can be found here:

You will note that is not a spark plug port seal but an exhaust seal.

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Maybe when i remove it i search in local shop that sells seal to find it.

the seals are an absolute pain to replace honestly if they can be found, i ended up removing the rocker cover and drilling out the baffle plate in it to get to them that way, had to drill holes and used self tapping screws to hold baffle plate in.

Hi all, I had the same question and after some digging around found some info on this that might help. If any of the info is incorrect, please correct me.

The EJ-DE and EJ-VE valve cover + coil packs are the same matching numbers).
So the coil/spark plug tube seals are the same: Toyota Daihatsu part# 90044-80571
Can be bought at Amayama online or at the dealer (I suppose) .

Replacing them looks/is somewhat of a hack job, but do it delicately and I think it will be fine.
The guys in Asia show us how it can be done on YT - don’t try to translate, just feel the Force!

Models with the EJ engine over yonder: Perodua Kelisa, Kenari, Kancil
You might find more interesting parts for your own AUS or EU models.

Disclaimer: haven’t tried it myself yet.