Started liking Daihatsus by accident

Hi all,

I’m on here because I figured out last week that I liked Daihatsus. I spent the last few days fixing up my mates overheating g200 and once I was done I was so surprised by the drive that I want to get one for myself! Even though it was an auto 1.3 it was really fun to drive, so light on the road and awesome to chuck around corners. Gonna keep my eye out to see if I can pick one up for a few hundred bucks and play around with.


welcome mate I can understand this well. Charade’s are great like that but wait until you get the bug properly., Then you end up with Multiple daihatsu’s. We currently have 4 at our home.

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Dai fever does tend to sneak up on you. Welcome!

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Yep, If you asked me a year ago I would not have looked twice at one. Now with more than 40,000 long distance km up on my GTVi Sirion. I have bought another.

I enjoyed my GTVi and had lots of fun with it. Fantastic engine, just make sure to keep it serviced.

Yes. The mechanic I bought it from gave me the heads up. I change oil and filter every 10,000km religiously.


It just happens like that. I have three and a half, still not enough parts.

Welcome, I was a bit like you. I detested the Sirion, until I drove one.