Starter not cranking, help

Hi guys, so a few days ago my girlfriends L700 has quit,

We were going for a drive, I accidentally stalled the engine and when I wanted to start the car up again nothing happened. I gave the starter a few wacks with a hammer and there she went again without any hesitation. The day after my girlfriend needed to get to work but no bueno, gave it a few wacks again and fired right up. Shut it off, tried it again and nothing.

I’ve replaced the starter with the one from our track l700 but still no bueno,

I hear no click, also there is no CEL in the dash when I turn the key and I don’t hear the fuel pump priming ECU and EFI are okay. Please help! Really need to get this car to run again.

SOLVED! turned out the ground cable on the gearbox was shaken loose, cleaned up the contacts, tighened it down and voila.