Starting on my Sirion

Hello all dai’ers just got my little girl out from down the side of the house,been there about 2 years had some health troubles I was impressed that it started (bought a new battery it didn’t have one that always helps)she is blowing smoke like a steam train so I have a fair bit of work ahead of me but at least I washed it (lots of green mould on it & the usual thousand spider webs) I wil try to upload some photo’s soon oh by the way it’s a 2001 model swapped it for a f***ked Holden Astra has all the extras power steering /windows/mirrors & window tint even got all the books & even if I have to rebuild the motor reckon it was worth the swap,I will try to do updates as I restoring cheers.


In ten years from now all Astras will be long gone, but I am sure they’ll be a heap of Sirions still around.

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good stuff mate doens’t matter how long it takes a project is a project :slight_smile:

Now that I’m healthy (or as good as I will ever be things will be done at reasonably fast (so long as the credit card & my back can handle it lol) starting today I’m going to pull the seats & the carpet out weather permitting &give the carpet a good power wash &install the head unit &speakers in the doors & reinstall the door linings.
So here’s hoping the weather stays fine & thanks guys might be calling on you for help in the near future Snakemann out.

I bloody hope so pieces of sh*t spent too many hours on that crap heap!!!

Just a quick update pulled the seats & carpet out the floor is like it came out of the factory power washed the carpet (a quick hint use stain magic from reject shop $4 bottle )poured it all over then power washed it while the seats were out steam cleaned them with the stain magic the foam that stuff produced looked like a chocolate thick shake done the reverse (putting it all back in)put the old Barina mags on & new seat covers that has finished the inside now for the motor & paint cheers.