Steering wheel shaking me to death

Hi all, was hoping to get some help regarding my incredibly shakey steering wheel. After finishing my steering components, I believe I’ve induced some fairly significant engine shaking issue.

Only at idle when not moving, the steering wheel goes nuts. The rest of the car has a little bit of wobble but nothing compared to the steering wheel.

My guess is engine mounts or maybe I messed something up doing the steering but I was hoping some people might have other suggestions?

Also putting together a build post soon so that should be good to properly introduce myself.

Was going to upload a video with it, but the file format is not allowed.

have you sika flexed the engine mounts at all that can cause a good vibration at idle.
For video it is best to upload tpo youtube or another video host site and share the link. Having alot of video uploads here would just cause our running costs to sky rocket to high.

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All good with the videos, that makes sense. Unsure what you mean by sika flexed the engine mounts, so far I’ve not touched them.

all good mate.
This is sika flex

When engine mounts in a (especially L200) have worn alot of people fill them with this product. It works very well but causes excess vibration at idle. Other than that it make the engine more solidly mounted than factory.

Oh gotcha, well I’ve not done that yet. I’m not really sure what to do just yet, checking it out more thoroughly today since I have the time. Hopefully it’s something simple and easy.

Well, things have taken an interesting turn.

After thorough inspection, I’ve found that the steering wheel vibrates really heavily when in the centre or after a 360 degree turn in either direction, but otherwise the vibration is minimal and normal when the steering is turned more than say a 5th of the way around.

The engine mounts are perfectly fine it seems, the engine is stable as ever and vibrates what I would consider to be an acceptable amount.

Being underneath the car whilst it’s vibrating and putting my hand on the steering rack shows barely any vibration there either.

There are two universal joints connecting the steering shaft to the steering rack so I thought it could be something to do with them, but so far I can’t pinpoint any issues and they both appear to be in good condition.

I’m not sure as to where to go from here…

May I ask what parts did you replace whilst working on the steering? Does your car have power steering by any chance. And if so did work on the powersteering?

Replaced the inner and outer tie-rods, plus the front lower control arms. Car does not have power steering (weighs like 600kg so I’m in no rush to get it).

I’m at a loss right now, I’ve booked it in to see a mechanic because I’ve got absolutely no clue.

Is there any chance that the rubbers in the motor mounts are worn out as in they have tears in them.

Wait is there play in the steering column itself? I am going to make a guess and say that it may be what it is. I gave another member a steering column years ago because of the same issue and the steering column they had was totally shot.

I’m not sure, could very well be. It’s booked in to see a mechanic next week so I’ll leave it to them and hopefully they figure it out. Works out for my anyways as they can run a leak down compression test and another inspections that I can’t really do alone on top of sorting the vibration.

Just hoping it isn’t going to cost me all four limbs…

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