If anyone see it or has information please contact the owner (sarge), police or I can pass onto Sarge if you can’t find him on facebook (if your on there)



That’s fucked.
Maybe also put a list of parts it had in case we see parts around and it has been broken up.
That’s so low.
Sorry to hear.
I really hope they catch them.
Also from what state?

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oops sorry its in Queensland. It has k3 and turbo swap from memory. The main thing that would come up and be a giveaway is the cage as it is one of the only ons up here that can legally have the cage as far as I’m aware. Sarge bought it with the intention of getting back on the road to it’s former glory. The car was engine swapped by former daihatsu (efi mira, richard buttock’s and Dan) and I remember seeing a vid of it on the Quarter against Dan’s vw polo at the time. Anyway the guy that owned it then sold it to some guy and then only a few weeks ago sarge bought it. Who I met at FB the xmas break up in qld and was telling me about it and then showed me pics of it and now this the poor bugga.

I thought it looked like Dan’s old car. Used to see it a bit when it was parked/housed in Nerang. The car would be hard to sell on but trailer easy to flip. Hope they get caught before anything is pulled down.

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