Strut l700/701 vs m100

Greetings! I am planning of installing coilover kit on my m101 1.3 rally 4 sirion, (preferably a cuore l700 kit because thay are dirt cheap), as i can see, the back part of the set fits ok with my sirion.
HOWEVER i have questions about the front strut, i would like to see an OEM L700-701 front strut compared side to side with a sirion m100 strut, i would like to know what dimensional differences there are between them as i have a machine shop at home, and maybe i could modify the L700 coilover struts to fit my sirion…

First time posting, my first daihatsu

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Glad you have joined us. The group here can be a bit shy at times, especially with strangers and new people. There are sure to be people here that are keen to assist you. I would suggest helping them to move out of their shells by doing a proper introduction. This would be at least one pic of your car, telling us either some history or about what you plan on doing with your car and at least saying what country you are from. Looking forward to getting to know about your Dai.