Stupid spare of the moment buy but fun

So last night I had a stupid soccer presentation for my son. While I was there I bought an MX5 (and an Elgrand) No idea why. I bought it pretty cheap and well though it needs some work and it should be great for a sale in summer. Has rego and everything so should be a fun little daily.
First thing gone are the wheels… then the roof.
I can’t decide what is worse, holes in roof or wheels. IMG_0517IMG_0516


The decision about holes in the roof or wheels being worse is a decision you can save for a rainy day. Great addition.


looks like a series one NB, hardtops are still fetching around the 1k mark if you can find it.

Bah, 1k for a roof! I paid 2 for the whole car!
I’ll get a stocking somewhere.