Supercharging a K3VE2

Greetings guys,

Just out of curiosity I would like to ask whether anyone has any experience or looked into supercharging a K3VE2 in particular and whether it is possible.
Without much investigation my first thoughts would be problems concerning the closed-source ECU having issues with a stock map and maybe the injectors would not be sufficient enough at the higher rpm range to provide fuel. Otherwise the already high compression of a K3VE2 would make it even more difficult to avoid engine knocking.

I’ve seen several topics here concerning supercharging engines although mostly 3-cyclinders.

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This will be something interesting. I’m afraid that I’m not able to help with this but I’ll be reading along! The Ecu, injectors will be a problem. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to supercharge a K3-VE? The compression of this enige is a bit lower (1:10 if I remember correctly)

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Well you would be right that a lower compression would be better suited for supercharging but you can find some examples of relatively high-compression supercharged engines. For example, the Honda S2000 F20C (11:1 or 11.7:1(JP))engine offers a lot of after market parts for supercharging. The comparison is lacking though since the engine’s internals are all forged where I’m guessing that the K3VE2’s are cast(except maybe the crankshaft).
The higher the compressions the lower your boost should be. So IF supercharging would work, it would probably only be on low boost settings.
Another question would be whether it would be possible to do something like this on a budget

Budget is something you would have to consider xD I believe the consensus on this forum is that the bottom part of the enige is near bulletproof although it is casted. I believe the k3-vet has a compression of (around) 1:8. No idea how many boost it delivers but the biggest problem is not the engine but rather the gearbox. My yrv turbo gearbox only lasted 200k before literally grinding to a hold.

So despite the budget, the ECU, compression, strength of internals and strength of gearbox I don’t see any problems!

(In all seriousness I’m no expert whatsoever so don’t take my word for it. However, there are allot of people who have much more experience and brains on this forum.)

What sort of supercharger are you thinking? Roots-type do not make boost so much as “move large volumes of air”. This is because they lose a lot of air back past the rotors. I would highly recommend an intercooler with such as they make a lot of heat. By contrast, a screw-type will make boost. For example I have a screw-type air compressor which at the flick of the on switch only takes three seconds to reach max pressure and can move huge volumes. I’ve had a screw type before out of an Eunos and have just purchased a Sprintex S5-210 as I am looking for increased performance off idle to redline.

If you are on a “budget” just keep to NA. A wideband capable aftermarket ecu is in my opinion essential. Talk to you local dyno about what they can tune for you and go with their ecu recommendations.

Avoid the AMR300 and AMR500 (both roots type) as they will be way to small, and they make a hell of a lot of noise that is cool for 10sec or so.