Swapping ECU in my Cuore K3VE, need higher rev


I am running a K3VE from a 1,3 Copen in my Cuore.

The Engine got different cams but is only able to rev till rev limiter at 6800rmp.

Ive heard that it isn´t possble to write the Dai ECU´s.

Therefore my plan is to change the ECU to an ECU from K3VE2 Sirion engine. This revs 7000rmp+.

Is the change of ECU´s possible. Will I get in trouble with keys or something?

Thank you guys!

You will have to swap the immobiliser eeprom chip from the old ecu to the new one, its a small chip with 8 legs marked 93C56, this stores the code that matches the immobiliser box and the keys. If your good with a soldering iron its a relatively easy job.
Take a look at:




Thanks for that.

Can’t i just use the new ecu with the key from it?
I do suck at soldering:smiley:

Edit: ecu+key+immobilizer

This Should work too right?

What about my generell idea? Will a Sirion 1,3 k3ve2 run my car?
My current ecu Shows k11 on it, the new will have m17 on it and rev to 7500rmp

Yeah will work with key+immo+ecu but you will also need to swap the key barrel on the steering column to match the new key.
Im pretty sure the k3-ve2 is limited to 7000rpm
If you need to raise the rev limit more your than that your options are aftermarket ecu or overclocking the standard ecu.

Take a look at:


I will do this to my ecu, I have ordered a 4.194304Mhz crystal from this ebay seller https://m.ebay.de/itm/1x-5x-Alle-Frequenzen-40-3-579545-bis-48-MHz-41-Quarz-HC49-THT-Crystal-/322906724265?varId=512030570825&txnId=1868437788011
It is approx. 5% faster than the normal 4Mhz crystal
This will raise my rev limit to about 7350Rpm.
It works by speeding up the internal clock in the ecu, basically makes the ecu think 57seconds is 1 minute instead of 60 seconds, so the ecu thinks 7350rpm is actually 7000rpm or 5250rpm is actually 5000rpm for example . The downside is the ecu is using the fuel and ignition values for 7000rpm when the motor is actually doing 7350rpm.
It can lead to the motor leaning out if you take it too far and put in a crystal that is 15 or 20% faster to try and raise the limit to 8000 or something ridiculous.
Just something for you to look into if your looking for more than 7k but dont want to pay for an aftermarket ecu.

I have been thinking doing the same thing to my Sirion K3-VE. change over the K3-VE2 cams and ECU. what cams are you running?
@Mick I think the K3-VE runs more than 7000 RPM, Max power is at 7000 and red line is shown at 7500 rpm.


interesting thing with overclocking, but not the type of modification i am looking for.

Can anybody confirm that the k3ve wiring loom is the same as k3ve2. I couldn´t find a diagramm for k3ve2.

Now another question.
I found someone who would sell an ECU, IMMO, Key+Barrel.
Only downside, the ECU is from an automatic.

Would it still run my manuel car? Or is the ECU complete different from auto to manuel?

If you trick it to think it’s in neutral should be fine. In a starlet we do it all the time. Just bridge 2 plugs from the gear sender.

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