Swapping seats in a 2009 Cuore L275/L276

Hey guys,
I love my 2009 Cuore, but the front seats not so much. I’ve got a bad lower back and on the long drives it gets quite bad. Are there any direct swaps with the seats? Like the Sirion2 ones or maybe other Daihatsu seats?

getting something completely different (like Volvo seats or something else) is also cool, but fabricating custom seat brackets is something i cannot do myself. Love to hear your responses.

The little car:
IMG_20221006_215641489~2 by Bas, on Flickr


Nice little L276LS, I had one and drove over 30k km in a year with it, great little units. I never had any complaint about the seats though. I doubt seats from an S2 or other Dai’s will fit, that will acutally boost comfort. Simplest option is buying some seatframes from Japan to mount aftermarket seats on. If you’re on a budget you can always make something fit with a grinder, a welder and some persistence.

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