Świrion M100

Some of you may know me and my two sirions m100from Facebook group :grin: I had a plan to rebuild one of them so I picked K3-ve2 because of less rust to deal with and of course more powerful engine :grin: I probably should explain what “świrion” means, basically “Świr” in polish means “crazy” so “Świrion” means “crazy one” or something like that, meaning remained :grin:
First of all, I’ve bought it for 450 PLN price was very very low because of engine drinking liters of oil. I knew it won’t be easy to fix but for this price I decided to buy it . It drove for a week and suddenly lost compression on third cylinder. I decided to tear apart the engine and completely rebuild it :grin:

Story to be continued when I have another free weekend :grin:


Welcome, and good to see more Sirions :slight_smile:


I guess there might be a Little problem :grin::grin:

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Ouch! That sucks mate. Luckily you’re rebuilding it.

Welcome. Oh, I would love a pit.

Sirions are just fantastic. Mmm, sliver!

Remember that here a thread is yours. An excellent place to document what you’ve done without it being pushed into history.

Okay boys, work in progress :grin:


Nice! Can’t wait for it to be finished, will have to finally organise some Polish Dai meet:)
Any boosty thoughts on your head?


Definitely we have to meet finally :smile: No boosting now, but I think we’re gonna scrap our EJ sirion and keep the engine and when I save some money I want to put turbo into this little EJ engine and maybe then swap it into L700 Cuore or M100 Sirion :smile:

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