Tacho install

Can someone plaese tell me where to get a tach signal from? is it off one of the wires that go into the plug on the bottom of the coil?

Yes there should be a +ve and -ve wire, the -ve is the one you need. What car helps also :slight_smile:

G200 charade 95 1.3. How can i tell wich one is it? there is no red or black wire on the coil

Someone please help

Hi, can you post a photo of the coil?

grab a multi meter and see which has +ve going to it, then use the other wire for the taco sense

I got it guys!

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Yahh, so what went right?

I was using the wrong wire off of the coil. Switched over the signal wire and boom working tacho!

Im thinking of doing a little “how to” for the forum.


wouldnt mind a tacho on the Terios - is it going to be the same set up?

on the terios you should have a tacho signal on pin 9 on the OBD connector