Tacho! Will it work in any charade?

soooo, im new here and will be posting a build thread soon, i went to u pull it yesterday (car wrecking place you remove all your own parts) anywayyy, as i was strolling through the daihatsu section to get my bits i seen a mizuno sports editipon g100 charade! had a quick look in it and seen it had the tacho with the 180 speedo… grabbed it for $50, come home put it in my 92’ manual G100 charade as i dont have a tacho and it doesnt work… my assumption is that there is no wiring for it but then i have also seen that they can be extremely faulty and not sure if its just faulty or because its not a factory car with a techo it wont work! any hep would be muchly appreciated!

Theoretically it will, it could be buggered. First thing to check would be the wires plugging into back of dash, not 100% sure but wire 2 is the tacho signal wire from memory

Alright, so chwck wire 2 as in the plug going into the cluster, would it be easier to check if there is a wire going to the distributor? The few things i have read about em is that they bugger out and need to replace bits behind the cluster

If it’s not there, run a wire from negative terminal on coil to it is easiest way