Taking a break from the forum

Hi all

I have decided to take a break from L2D and the Facebook pages.

Why? Because I have placed countless hours into this forum, trying to launch something “closer to facebook” then your average forum… But we just are not reaching the users of Facebook and still missing the capture of very important information that gets shared on the Facebook pages.

I am currently subsidising all costs of the forum via some free work credit, which is not going to last forever.

We have not asked for any donations or do any advertising on the forum and this concludes that there is no profit here.

I attempted setting up a wiki but have had minimal help in doing so, to those who have contributed I thank you… But all the ? That still require replacing makes it feel like it would be a solo effort to complete and at this point in time I just do not feel I can deliver as I have many other commitments besides this forum.

I will continue to update the forum and I will update my thread when I make progress… (hint: not until closer to Christmas time)

In the mean time I am going to contribute back to my family and work.

Good luck people


forum is great, i’m not a big forum user but it is the best i’ve used. everyone needs time off. take a well deserved break my friend.


The new forum is great - and much appreciated. Ironically for me it is the Facebook scene that does not appeal, whereas this does!

As for Wikis I have quite a bit of material I can contribute on H-Series and will work towards getting some of it in there.


Completely understood. You have done outstanding work. I am highly critical of the whole facebook thing and feel it is not a place of insight of any sort but a place to bolster one’s image and coolness. My understanding or cognitive mapping of how to work with the wiki is lacking. It could be wonderful. The tiny bit of worthwhile facebook info disappears into history as fast as the same question is asked again. Here the info sort of gets buried and few that come here do useful searches. Enough sad, except looking foward to reading more on you build when you are ready to share. Bravo @FrAsErTaG for all your efforts.


You have done a great job mate putting together the forum. I congratulate you on all your hard work and effort.
The drama though even back with the daiforum.net page people all had said a lot of useful info was lost when the big crash happened but there wasnt much on the page to begin with it was all on daiclub and daihard.
Most people frequent facebook more then any other social media aspects hence why the daiforum australia page was created in the first place.
It made asking quick questions a lot more simple for people rather then waiting hours or days after posting on the forum or in forum chat and still receiving no advice.

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I would contend that here advice responses, these days, are somewhat rapid. However, some vistors have negated the option to do a search for things they want to know. Or high levels of advice are asked for without an introduction as a minimum contribution (which can help frame the context of the advice they are after). Of more concern is how questions are asked. I am sure my name is “mud” with quite a few people that pop in for advice, but ask ambiguous questions, get frazzled when we can’t understand what they are asking and we ask for clarification and they disappear as quickly as they came. As the norm with facebook it is all “beer and skittles”, come and go, information given/lost to history/rehashed and you can pop in and out without solid contribution. Here there is more structure and there is room for constructive criticism as problems are worked through collaboratively (yes things get worked through on FB too but not as thoroughly). I am not against the facebook way (though it does not work for me and I have canceled my link), as it works for some. Here though the foundation on which the content is built is solid and its purpose different to FB. Maybe this is the place where older Dai people end up, since I’m an old fart and still don’t see the wonders of FB.


Thanks for the work fraser it is appreciated. I’ve been slack and havn’t added to the wiki like i said. Hopefully i can find some time and work out how to word it soon.


I too am not a Fb user. So a big thankyou from me too.
I much prefer the forum.


Fraser bless up yuhself (big up yourself)

I love the new forum; more and more over time I come back to read and contribute what I can; I even have it on my phone for quick access. I really hope we can keep this going.

The real problem is the current age we live in; nobody wants to search, read and understand; everybody wants a one click and go.

I do hope we can keep this community going sigh


Totally agree with all the above comments.Enjoy a well earned break James.


Cheers Guys!!

I am back on board for a bit, there is some stuff I want to get tidied up :slight_smile:
No progress on the Cuore at the momento though. Driving 400km a week like a champ.


Hahaha… “old fart”… Hahaha… I’m one of them too!.. 52 this year!