Temp gauge not working


Recently took the EF-EL out of my L500 and when put back in, the temp gauge seems to not work.

All fuses have been checked, sensor cables not shorting either.

I initially put the original motor back in and when bleeding the air out of the cooling system, the temp gauge didn’t seem to be going up at all, but after only a couple minutes, the temp gauge was dangerously high as if it just randomly kicked in.

A new motor has been put in its place temporarily as the original one gets rebuilt but seems to be having the same issue.

When bleeding the cooling system in this engine, I noticed when turning the car off, the temp would go up verrrry slightly but when turned on, would drop back below the line. The cluster wasn’t tampered with at all and the gauge was working fine before I started pulling things apart.

I’m new to working on cars and diagnosing issues so any insight would be great! Thanks!

A slight rise in temperature,after engine shut-down is normal, because coolant flow has been interrupted

Ah yea that makes sense! So does that mean the temp gauge is working? or does it just randomly kick in like my speedo does around 40kph too :sweat_smile:

Do you mean, if it’s accurately calibrated?