Terios Owners Input wanted

I am back working in the rural areas on Dirt roads. Which my Sirion Gtvi really does not like.
I thought about a Terios.
Upon reading a few reviews they dont really get a good rap.
gives a two star rating.

Gives it a one star rating

What’s the used Daihatsu Terios 4x4 like?

In theory, the Terios sounds sensible: real off-road style in a city-friendly package. And, while that much is true, it falls down in many important areas.

For a start, its size is a problem - the cabin is horribly narrow, and two people next to each other can’t help but rub shoulders. To make matters worse, the boot is tiny. So, if you want to carry anything of any size, you need to fold down one of the rear seats, making the car a three-seater.

If you thought that was bad, things get even worse when you start driving. Performance is pedestrian; the ride is dreadfully choppy on anything other than a perfectly smooth road and the combined assault of road, wind and tyre noise makes long-distance, high-speed trips hard to bear. A small consolation is a tight turning circle and some ability off-road.

Can anyone confirm the above to be true? Or is this a land cruiser owner biased report?
Could the suspension be modified to make it better. Or should I stay well away?
Its hard to believe that the makers of the Sirion could make someting that rates so low

I can’t give much help on this but only say what I have seen and heard from other people. Terios have 2 model’s basically one has the H series engine the same series that is found in the feroza, charade and applause although we know some charades have the 1.5 and applause has the 1.6 but still the same series. The later terios has the k3 engine the same series as your gtvi but from my understanding it is more de-tuned compared to your sirion ( it may even be k3ve and your sirion has k3ve2). I have seen one with k3 engine with big muddies on it and did ok for smaller 4wd stuff for a city based 4wd. The guy loved it but sold it as the k3 engine was drinking too much oil due to the rings which is common for k3 engine’s. With H series engines have the common headgasket fault. Engine wise I guess it is which evil to choose is up to you.
If going for a H series engine terios you have to ask would you be better with a feroza as a better 4wd than a terios?
The way I tell the difference between the 2 is the H series terios has purple speedo/ instrument panel and the K3 Series terios has white speedo/instrument cluster.

I’m probably not much help but have tried, as I said I don’t have much experience with them or many 4wd’s for that matter.

Thanks Evilhighway for the heads up.
I have since found a six out of ten review.
There is quite a clean one at a wreckers in Perth 400km away and one on Gumtree 25 km away(not answering the phone??)
I will let you know what transpires.