Hey guys just trying to get some help I have been playing around with a 97 terios just trying to get a bit more power it’s a hc what’s my best option? Will the Applause hd bolt up to my gearbox? Will the intake and exhaust bolt up or do you use the hc head on the hd block? I have no idea

Welcome. Throw up some pics and a bit of a story, that might get the Terios guys/girls here excitted about helping.

This is my terios with 75mm strut spacers 50 mm body lift 30x9.5 muddies raptor liner paint job


Fantastic. One of the tougher ones I’ve ever seen. Very nice.

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very nice indeed I love seeing them with good 4wd tyres on them makes them look so much better than the little street suv style car.

HD should bolt in there as far as I know but unfortunately I don’t have much experience with them at all. I hope someone else on here does.

Welcome to Livetodai.

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