Terry the one owner Terios



I knew this car was going to be the one I keep forever from the first moment I saw it. $450 dollars on Gumtree and Luke messaged me to go have a look at it within 10 minutes of the Ad going up. Upon inspection the car was next to immaculate and the guy we bought it off was the one and only owner of the car over 17 years since brand new.20906948_1858476447512904_677519469_o


So today got the UHF Radio installed after some careful planning and engineering with Luke and got the second L2D sticker on the car. Next things to investigate will be the front shocks and gearbox sometime in the future.
P.S Spot Luke in the second picture.


So Clean :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Scored Well Daniel :slight_smile:

Very Nice.

Much “like”


So Luke and I had some ingenius plans to mount my lightbar in my front grill, which involved a trip to Bunnings, spending $17 dollars, and a little bit of welding.20170905_162143

We took off the front bar and grill to give some space to make plans, then cut our piece of steel to the size to fit in the front and did some checks that it lined up with the grill piece I will be cutting out.20170905_163528 20170905_165628

Luckily, the welding went good, and the grill cut out fits my light bar with a snug fit. Our plans are coming along smoothly. 20170905_170120 20170905_170124 20170905_170413 20170905_170436

A quick check to make sure everything lines up, then its on to mounting the brackets and putting it all together. 20170905_170955 20170905_174349

SUCCESS! DIY Bunnings Budget Light Bar Mount Installed :smiley:
21392618_1471961346219850_1993430585_o 21389123_1471961356219849_435714885_o


Love what you’re doing with your Terios Daniel. It looks mint, and the light bar fits perfectly! Nice work. :+1:t3:

Wow mate. great car.


WTF - $450 really - you lucky bloke. How many K’s on the clock and are there any issues with it?

that has been sold long ago now.

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