Test n tune willowbank 20/7/2109

Just a quick note to let everyone know Im taking the move out to willowbank test n tune this saturday If anyone would like to join me and see what their car can do or just spectate. I just thought I would let everyone know and it’s an invite for anyone who wants to come out and see if I can get into the 16’s in the move. My current best is 17:05 so hoping I have a good chance.
all info is in the links below.



If you going to be going in a few months to Williwbank, you might be able to book me in :smiley:

I dont have the move anymore as I had to sell it at the time but I I do have another dai I didnt actually plan on getting but some how ended up with it just saving and getting bits and pieces for it at the moment and really not sure what direction I am going to go with it but it will have either an L251 gearbox or a g02 gearbox as opposed to a mira gearbox. There is something I am missing and due to this current world crisis and lockdown it just makes it a little hard to get the bits I need and I have lost a bit of motivation atm but I’m sure give me a week or so and I will be keen again.

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Yeah, always helps to take a break and look after life plus the current situation makes things harder.

Would be nice to splice a hyabusa gearbox onto it , would handle the power and a straight shift 6 speed :slight_smile:

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