The badge system

The new site gives “Badges” for completing tasks on the forum, e.g. reading the guidelines will earn you a badge, much like earning an achievement on video game consoles.

The current set of badges come included with the forum software, however we can build new badges based on SQL queries.

So the question is, do you like the badge system? it can be disabled or we can as a community come up with some achievements that we would like to earn.

  • Keep the badge system
  • Keep the badge system and lets build some new ones
  • Disable the badge system
  • Don’t really care…

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It looks like from the majority of the very few voters we have had that the system should stay and we want new badges.

##Start brainstorming your ideas in this post!


There is five new badges

Bronze Badges:

  • Induction - Introduction in the All New People Category

Silver Badges:

Gold Badges:


I like it, a simple yet cool system to reward people for just being here.