The boost myth, it does not fit as a comparison between diff engines

I’ve kind of had an understanding about this, however, Banks explains it “right”. Some heavy reading perhaps. Manifold air density (or pressure)! Air temp (hopefully you suck this from the coldest spot possible and any pipes or ducts are insulated), humidity, altitude, manifold air temp, engine cfm (its pump size),…

Manifold Air Density subtract Ambient Air Density equals Boost Air Density (BAD).


“Knowledgeable engine builders talk boost like it’s the ultimate gauge of an engine’s capability”… what a load of tripe! :roll_eyes:

it’s always been about mass flow / speed density. OEM’s have been using speed density calculations for decades (ever since processor speed has been fast enough to keep up) and has been common place for aftermarket ECU’s for a slightly shorter period of time.

opinion I firmly believe that the reason no one looks at this as a metric is because it’s too abstract for the common mind… this is far from a new concept


Yes, Gale talks it up a bit - he is a salesman (and is selling his MAP gauge as being better thing than a boost only gauge). On the other hand, a casual look over the Dai facebok stuff and one might be led to think “boost is everything”, and not everyone gets this. So yes it can be a bit abstract. The Gale Banks info shared above may help drag a few people into a proper understanding of what they are doing. We’ve seen lately some big claims by Malaysians about super duper boost and mega (minature) horse power. Yes,air density is far from “a new concept”. You’d think in 2018 people would understand good suspension set up too, but we still see slammed and stanced - all nonsense too but such is easy to brag about and so to boost and hp are points to boast about (heck give me huge low and mid end torque at the expense of a little top end hp). Perhaps you could help sway and educate our community. The discussion is open.


I watched about half of this and gave me a really good understanding and of the importance of density and air temp within the intake and going into the cylinders with or without boost . I have been toying with some inexpensive Ideas to try before the upcoming track day. Also some good ideas to try for my mira project as I was starting to shy away from turbo and just having a good N/A set up.


I intend to watch the rest.

I’m a big advocate of educating people but I don’t like it when it’s done in a way that creates false hype and lures people into thinking there’s some new revolution and at the end of the tunnel is a pot of gold.

there’s a huge amount of good resource out there for free, two of the best in my opinion being High Performance Academy (headed up by Andre Simon) and the other MegaSquirt / DIYAutotune (Andy Whittle), both of which have articles and videos explaining mass flow in a very understandable way and many many many more useful concepts!

Yes, HPA is good I’ve been through their courses and I maintain my Gold Membership. I’ve not looked at the Megasquirt stuff at all, but I imagine it’s not unlike where I get my support for Autronic.

Okay you’re not a fan of hype. Perhaps you could provide the links to some of those excellent videos that you’ve seen. The HPA ones I’ve seen are from courses I paid for, I guess there might be a free video or two - perhaps you know which? Please keep your interest going and provide some info that has less hype.

:man_facepalming: well… ok… I’ll oblige…

aside from the two big fat pointers I already gave towards what I believe are the best online resources… let me google that for you

hang on I’m so chivalrous I’ll even prepare a second example

You are the one showing or having taken “offence” at info posted, you should then contribute in a positive manner. Your smart arse comments will herein be deleted. What was requested of you was a contribution. That is how a community works. If are not prepared to be positive then that is the behaviour of a parasite.

I think you’ll find I have not acted as a parasite… I contributed positively to the body of knowledge in providing a constructive alternative for learning, not supporting the commercial misnomer in the video.
I showed my frustration because I feel that spoon feeding is unnecessary.

I think you’ll also find that, since the beginning of this forum, I have consistently contributed to the body of knowledge on said forum. so if you want to delete my help then be my guest but stop beating your chest

Not beating my chest and I am fine with being told when I am wrong. You were given the chance in this thread to show us info from wiser sources. However, within this thread you have not helped, other than to complain and then show us how to do Google searches. Please add to threads with constructive criticism. You say you are against spoon feeding, so you spoon feed useless responses. I am aware of your wider contributions. But here we see some sort of foolish pride that you are better than the rest. If you are not going to contribute usefully within this thread then your posts in this thread will be deleted. I had in all sincerity encouraged you to add and that is not what we got.

Maybe Instead of teaching us how to google in your reply.
If you didn’t have a specific link or want to give a specific link to some information then maybe just say something along the lines of " i don’t have a specific link but if you google who I mentioned above I’m sure you will find some information"
I’m not saying you meant it that way, but it does come off as a little rude is all. It probably would have taken less time to write something like the above sentence also.

Anyway I have watched some of the free stuff with HPA and what I have seen seems good. I have not watched or looked up anything from Andy Whittle but will do in the future. Thankyou

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no pride here “gormsby”… you can lead your sheep down which ever garden path you wish :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just leave your posts, so far you have just come across as a pompous fool.

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