The Curry Cruiser - My 03 Cuore L7

Been wanting to start a Build thread on my 03 Cuore for a while and now that my exams are all over.


I turn 17, been begging for my parents to allow me to buy either a nice lowered sv6 ute or a jacked up hilux. They didnt like the idea of both and just made me drive the breathtaking Holden Barina with the 1.6 of course. I hated driving it. It had no sense of personality, nothing about it made me smile apart from its rather neat handbrake in which you can do mad 180s on a private road in Mexico. I was still adamant of getting something with a largeish engine and lowered/lifted. Dad decided that he would lend me our family Prado for a month. It had a 100+ litre fuel tank and I absolutely loved the turbo diesel’s pshhhhhhh sound. However when it came to fill up the damn thing. My bank account was going to be reduced by around 200 bucks. Sooooooo 4wd’s were out of the question for now for me to afford. After some youtube browsing I came accros the Blue Turd. Something about it made the hairs on the back of my hair stand up. I immediatley wanted one and searched on Gumtree and came accross the Cuore I have now. I didn’t want to wait or anything, called up the owner, made the deal and got a mate in Sydney to hand him a deposit. Dad and I caught a train to Liverpool to pick it up.

Next day I drove it to school and or school carpark was filled with these nice Sv6 utes and jacked up 4WD’s and the odd hyundai’s. Since the windows were so dark no one could see behind the wheel. I could see my mates just pointing at the car thinking what sort of a knob would be driving that shoebox. Well I got out of it and it was the laugh of the day apparently. It somehow managed to get the attention of the principle and the vice principle all of which kept laughing as I struggled to get out of it.

I noticed a strange characteristic of it. It made everyone around it including me smile. I noticed that when I was facing the stress of year 12 and other stuff that I was facing, the one thing that calmed me down was driving this.

AYYYYY its Christmas and I have no idea why I spent a whole day trying to install some reindeer antlers onto weather shields and then because I set my priorities straight, I just decided to take of the weather shields and clip on the antlers.

The car is officialy named…The Curry Cruiser. The fact that when a staff member from toyota dropped Dad home, he thought we had a Curry restaurant. So I took of the window sticker and just had two little ones near the wheels.

It’s service time because the car came with so service history and the previous owner was unsure of when anything was changed.

Thought I would give it a nice polish and wax.

Went to my first car meet ever and was super pumped. Even saw this mad cuore with 10+ speakers in the back from memory.

Just a cheeky night time pic.

A dude with a commodore wanted to take a pic of my car. I also took some of his mad SS.

My ghetto method of seeing whether ebay flares would look good on the car. Still stuck on with bluetooth at 60km/h.

I found out that there was a DSLR camera in the house and after blowing the dust off of it, I tried it for the first time. Gonna put it to good use now.


Great story. I hope you keep the history going and keep adding to the time line as all evolves. Welcome to the LiveToDai family. Go the Curry Cruiser!

love it mate great stuff :+1:

Funny story, i noticed too that a lot of people find my cuore a cute little car and laugh about it haha.

Reading that your coils failed and that you have a low level of oil. You should check near the coils/plugs, my mechanic told me that near the valve cover is a common place to leak lots of oil. Like 1l around ever 500-1000 km

Gee it’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum. Been meaning to upload some other photos I took of the Curry Cruiser. Around about this time I started another Instagram channel @The_Curry_Cruiser_Images. Tell me what you think and some advice on what I can do better would be much appreciated.


Nice!!! Very clean!

Uni holidays are here and now it is time to update the thread :grin::grin::grin:.
So the Cuore’s radiator has been leaking for a while from the top seal. It overheated slightly on the way to work and ended up having zero to minimal fluid in the system. I was contemplating on whether I should get an alloy radiator or just upgrade to a sirion GTvi one. That decision was made much easier for me when I found out the price for an alloy one :joy::joy:. Maybe for a later time :smiley:. So I bought the Sirion Gtvi unit from a seller on ebay brand new and it arrived in a few days after ordering. I measured out the unit and the length and width was the same as well as the location for the inlets, outlets and the bolt holes.

The only differences were the 10mm extra core thickness and the inlet and outlets were 3mm bigger. Thankfully the cuore radiator hose did fit over them fairly easily. Overall the install went smoothly. Amazed at how buggered the old radiator was and now she is running like a dream…mostly :joy::joy::joy:.


Took the Cuore out for a photoshoot. Didn’t get the results I wanted but I have no idea what results I were looking for :joy::joy::joy:. Feedback as always both constructive, negative and positive are welcome as I am looking to improve :smile:.


Nothing wrong with those pics :slight_smile:

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I agree nothing wrong with them at all.

Love it, pics are good.

Epic stuff dude!

You should come around my way and we’ll go shoot some pics!

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The memories of driving this thing back from Liverpool on the highway after I bought it stills haunts me :joy::joy::joy::joy:


One clean car man, like the style!

Did you remove the part of the front bumper with the make of the car on it yourself or is it possible to buy this insert? I hope you know which part I mean^^

Very nice Cuore! Tidy! The only thing is missing, in my opinion, is the rear spoiler. Otherwise is GREAT!

I don’t think this is an original Daihatsu part. This is “grille net” or something like that.

  1. You need to buy the size you need from a local auto accessory store.

  2. Remove your front bumper.

  3. Logicly the original part is screwed on the bumper from the inside. Unscrew it!

  4. If it’s a seperate part, still, unscrew it from the front of the car after removing the bumper!

  5. Take mesurments of the original, use a marker to trace it on the net and cut it so it can fit like the original! Use some pliers or something!

  6. Screw it on the bumper or on the car.

  7. Reinstall the bumper on the car.

Well done! You did it! :grin: :love_you_gesture: :+1:

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Also don’t forget to consider mounting points before cutting! Let a bit of excessive material and bent it if you need to, to exceed the shape you want!

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