The famous meme and picture thread!


Will this fit in an L200 (Hoping to transverse mount)? If so will someone tell me where to get a gearbox adapter plate so I can do the conversion?


Malaysia :wink:


@Mr_Gormsby what coil overs did you use lol?


really big ones with at about 10 000 lb/in


Everyone seems to be dogging in there thread so I made a little movie of my little guy


Great to hear some talk of AWD Daihatsu (no not referring to the MCM TRXX hack which I am obviously critical of due to it being more JDM romanticized entertainment than interesting information with a view to improved performance). Found a good diy on how to make an AWD. Knew I should have kept those couple of auto cars I had.


I still like MCM but I just wish they were more in depth with what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Just seems like everything gets glossed over.




How? How does that happen? Why would you leave it so long? I have so many questions :fearful:


When an engine starts to get smokey one uses thicker oil. Perhaps it was really really smoky. When I first saw it I wondered how the black worm got into the sump, how he managed to coax it out and realising it’s not a worm -
moments later I thought - “why would you fill the engine with grease”.


Okay, not a Daihatsu, but it does make one think about a mid mount L200.


That is awesome It certainly handles well and looks like a lot of fun although it looked a little sketchy on the last u bolt on the motorkhana but maybe he just had too much power down is my guess.


A friend over at the T124 Forum explains this is where he learnt about rotatries as a kid


Thats funny I was watching these too and showing my kids the muppets a week or so ago, I guess i was teaching them rotaries also lol.


Suzuki powered Fiat.

Sort of shows what I should be doing with my L200 body car instead of keeping it so “standard” and so fwd.


when your broomstick balancing skills are next level


Here’s one for all those guys out there looking for body kits and diy aero stuff. But hey, from what I’ve seen, I think a few of the Facebook Dai guys might have already done these same mod’s.


Found the 10mm :joy::joy: