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@FrAsErTaG, “Oh so you do know what will fit. What? You mean I have to go and get things/parts myself? What do you mean you won’t come to my place and to fit it up for me? And the parts are going to cost how much? And I have to source the custom drive shaft? But that means making live phone calls! I’ve only got $100, but it’s going to be so cool, you ought to help me out with all of this. All the Facebook guys said it was easy, cheap and you just needed a magic wand. Oh I can’t wait to tell all the Fakebookers that I’ve done the swap too, oh and I can post images of it slammed [giggle giggle]. Okay, I’m sorry about that I’ll drop the whole idea for now - So let’s move on, TRXX body kits can you get me all of thoes bits cheap…and 4 x 100 wheels, the cheap and easy way so I can get some 13x 9"s happening?”




Thats funny and scary at the same time.




Had seen it on TV or youtube before but my boss snapped this pic recently. Would be interesting to see people’s opinion. I am sure some think “cool”. However, I am of the opinion that it is “stupid” - waste of a good shell or is it a waste of a good jet? But then again I hate this sort of ostentatious display that reeks of “look at me look at me”. Heck I’d rather not be noticed and experience driving flat out.


i saw this and spoke to the guy about 2 years ago. Its really for show and makes money for performances, I mean it does work etc and is nsw road reg car with engineer’s but obviously not allowed to run the jet on road. He told me he goes through a set of brakes everyime he runs it and has to have some specially made for him. It’s still 4x110 so it could be done a lot better. just a show toy and money maker really.


Seems like alot of car mods, should it be done, no. Why do it then, coz one can :wink:


Does anyone need this explained?


Steam Pipe Manifold?








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