The famous meme and picture thread!


Does that apply to mains, big ends, head bolts/studs, turbo compressor nut, wheel nuts…?


Hopefully it doesn’t apply to anyone on these forums :smile:

When I purchased my first G102 - went to do an oil change 1 week later, only to discover the previous owner had threaded the sump bolt… bad times.


have photos from David owner of the jet car mira of his brakes after each run.


image Merry Christmas!


Love it Mr G!


Merry Christmas!



How soon would you die if you’re dai died?
Or would your dai die if you died?
Thats the question I was asked by a man who was a dai fan.
The dai fan said “buy a dai man, so then you can be a part of the dai fam”.
So I took the advice of the dai man and bought a dead dai so I can join the dai fam, and now it feels like im dieing trying to make this dead dai drive again.
Then the dai man who’s a dai fan said a dai’s not a dai unless the paint’s sun dried.
Now my dead dai that im dying to drive is parked in the sun, sun drying, because a dai’s not a dai unless its sun dried.
Now I have a sun dried dead dai that im still dying to drive but its ok because I bought a dai man! Now im a dai fan in the same dai fam as the dai-man, even though im wondering if im going to die before my sun dried dead dai ever drives again.




Very cool. Unfortunately you can’t use the SAE cars in CAMS events as your feet sit forward of the front axle (so I was told)




From a reposting on Justacarguy’s blog. How to replace something “underbody” from the comfort of your lounge.


Again, a reposting from JustACarGuy. Serious bacon. Serious bacon lovers would get it.





holy sheet



The “Flatmobile” was once a Hillman Imp



Can’t get much more slammed than that :open_mouth:


This is actually called or refereed to by the maker as “the Amish Lamborghini”

but is in fact a race horse trainer