The money pits

Thought it was about time I uploaded a couple of pics of my builds… I’ll let a few pictures do the talking for a bit and chime in if they get a response :slight_smile:

the race car I’ve owned and been pouring money into for the past 16 yrs

the daily’s


Nice cars and welcome. Already sharing some great info for the group. If you have Any other gems of wisdom we are more than willing to listen.

Pleasure to be of some use :grin: I have been almost solely playing with Daihatsu’s all my life for better or for worse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and only branched out to playing with newer platforms of L7 and M1 chassis in the past 5 years or so. My first love was very much the GTti but have had an affair with the later model K3 engined beasties since a trip to Japan back in '05 where I did a stint working at the Osaka Daihatsu engine division and was lucky enough to go away with DRS to a rally event where they ran a group of Sirions and Miras that have made me drool to this day. I’m glad to say I’m finally building my own version but that’s under wraps for now :blush:


Wow. Amazing Dai history. Where are you based now?

Well thanks :blush: hatsu’s are in the blood I’m very fortunate for that! I’m in Auckland, NZ

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Nice overtaking in the GTti Tim - was that a Lotus and an Evo up the hill at Hamptons?

Your hillclimb vid is my favourite. I’ve shown a few people who doubted a 3cyl haha.

@JC050 well spotted from that tiny clip :stuck_out_tongue: it was a nice moment… last lap too, I think I pipped them both by less than about 100th of a second over the line haha

@welby cheers I so wish that event didn’t die after the first year… I’d give up all circuit racing just to do that as an annual adrenaline rush! :slight_smile: I think hillclimbs are the ultimate leveling event for running a wide range of cars in the same competitive field


I put the number 1 money pit on the dyno on Friday. It was a good day :sunglasses:


Welcome! Nice cars, the k3vet L7 :ok_hand:

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Awesome result Tim.

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Very nice Tim - I hope that your custom gearbox can handle 283Nm!

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:sweat_smile: might be a liiiitle bit more than I had planned for during the design phase of the prototype set!
the next lot are good for 300Nm but the prototypes were designed more for around 240 to 250Nm… I guess it’ll give them a good workout :stuck_out_tongue:

4th gear was the most marginal because there was a small machining error made in the blank so I’ll just try and think happy thoughts whenever I’m in that gear haha it only needs to last until the new set arrive

I’m racing at Hampton Downs on the 2nd Sept if you happen to feel like a road trip up to Auckland :grin:

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Hmmm, if my trumpets arrive in time I might just do that - it would be a nice drive out to Hamptons…

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all go for this coming Sunday… have broken the back of the work needed doing. Just got to reassemble front calipers and fit and a few little tidy up jobs then we’re ready to rock and roll. you got those trumpets fitted yet? :wink:

The trumpets are with UPS on their way over - I should have them later this week.

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New printed nylon trumpets and aluminium airbox are in, hopefully I will see you at Hamptons

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great stuff! be good to see you

It’s been a hell of a week already and still lots to do before race day… so exhausted! and just had an update from MSNZ that my seat is now non compliant so may have to lump a new one on top of the mountain of other expenses going into this season… feeling so broke right now!

Yip know that feeling too well - spend your last cent and then spend some more!

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we don’t do it cause it’s cheap though, right? :smile:
couldn’t get the wheel alignment to a happy place with the shocks of the name which I won’t speak… so the Konis are back in. So I might have a cheap set of ‘new’ race shocks available if you’re interested :sweat_smile:

going to go full hog and build a set of 3-ways… :sunglasses: what was that I was saying about spending money? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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