The rather cheap Copen

To be honest , this will not be much of a build thread (for a couple of weeks, at least).

I bought a non-running but nice looking Copen and got it running again.

Here it is as it arrived home:

That was the state of the engine bay:

And here it is now:


What was causing it not to run?

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I can only guess. The car didn’t come with spark plugs, so I assume these were past their due date.
A compression test I did (after making sure I could crank the engine over by hand) showed low readings on all cylinders at first.
The cylinder head was partially covered in oil sludge.
As the readings were even on all four cylinders and I couldn’t really tell if my newly acquired ebay compression tester was reading true, I just reassembled the engine with fresh spark plugs and gave it a try .
It fired up almost immediately with clouds of white smoke billowing from the exhausts.
After a while the smoke reduced and to be sure it really was smoke and not steam, I also did a CO check on the coolant- without any indication the exhaust gas had found its way into the water.
By the time it was at operating temperature, the smoke was gone completely .

So I fitted the turbo hoses and took the Copen for a 90 Km test-drive (scaring the hell out of wife and two daughters on all available roundabouts (sequentially, for obvious reasons :slight_smile:) .

So far so good . Today I did 220 km of German Autobahn without any issue.

My only concern being fuel consumption: The Copen easily tops the Volvo V70R I also own.

Is that normal?

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I haven’t had a Copen myself, so cannot comment on their fuel consumption. May be @evilhighway or @Carl might be able to shed more light on the subject.

My copen returned around 7.8 litres per 100when driving it spirited and my l200 with copen engine around 7.5,if driving nicely mid 5 litres per 100 km was easily achieved.

I own a s60 2.5t and if a copen drank like it (considering you have a R model is even more worrying) I’d be looking for fuel leaks, busted injectors etc.

o2 and map sensor plugged in and working ok? if either of them are not plugged in or working it can cause excessive fuel usage

I’ll record all OBDII values on my way to work. Thanks for the suggestions!

Another thought on your fuel consumption? :thinking:

Are you saying that the tank is depleting as quickly as the Volvo, have you factored in that a tank of fuel is like 30 litres and not 70?

Yes, thanks :smile:
I wasn’t referring to the tank emptying but the actual consumption calculated after filling the tank , driving and re-filling it again .
11 liters per 100 km is more than the Volvo consumes at them same speed.

OBD readings for the sensors were all ok today.

The fuel trim readings were interesting however: up to -66%…

I also managed to blow the turbo piping during a little top-speed test on the autobahn today.
So I limped home at 80 Km/h .

I’ll hopefully fix that tomorrow.

Hmm 11 litres per 100 is crazy talk for a daihatsu.

I do however have another theory, @evilhighway will be more familiar with this since he recently owned one but I remeber the copen used to rev pretty high at 100kmh in top gear.

If you are sitting on speeds higher than this for an extended period of time, this could be the source of the excessive fuel consumption?

The copen is setup for quick and “zippy” fun around town and not really suited for high speed driving on the autobahn :joy:

wow 11km’s per 100 that is a lot. Ours did use a bit of fuel from memory but nothing too excessive but more than I think it should have I think @FrAsErTaG maybe right as I live in the country alot of the k’s I did in the copen were highway driving so usually traveling at 100k’m for an 1/2 - 1 hour drive mainly. I did find it was better round town though. May I ask what speeds you usually sit on driving on the autobahn? Maybe the weight of your foot may come into play there. hahaha. I would be looking for a leak or something of that nature i guess and looking to see if your coils are fine as they maybe crossfirirng under while driving etc but i’m sure you would notice this as a miss or something anyway.
keep hunting and good luck. Everything I think of suggesting you have pretty much looked at from what I can tell.

I will investigate the “leak” theory further.

From what it sounded like last night, there is a considerable “boost leak” (the lack of power also supports that).

It would also explain the fuel trim values, as less boost (less air) fed into the combustion chambers would require less fuel to be injected into them in order to keep the air/fuel ratio correct.

Ok, “less fuel injected” doesn’t really play up with 11l/100km consumption, but I’ m pretty sure that the induction side of things is causing the isssue here.

On the gearing theory; Whilst looking for a lower final drive ratio for the sirion, there are adverts on the Japanese sites for a higher than Copen gearing for better freeway driving etc.

The Copens is the 5.545 which people desire for the acceleration.
The Japanese sites are spruiking the 4.933 (still lower than the ADM Sirions, but higher than Copen) for the better fuel economy on highway.

100-110 km/h in australia, but it must be revving a bit higher if it’s being pushed past that on the autobahn…ie in australia you may be off-boost enough to keep fuel down??

Well and truly on boost at 100kmh, think 100 was around 3500 rpm?

ahhh ok, I didn’t know what sort of power band these things have.
I know when i crossed the nullabor in my evo 6 (5 speed), the 110km/h wasn’t too bad in terms of actual positive pressure being forced into the engine and returned around the 10L/100km mark.