The right battery?

Hi guys, the track cuore needs a new battery since the other one has died from not charging regularly, and just simply not being used for a long time with a low charge.

I’m wondering what the best option should be. Of course this car is track oriented and won’t be running a lot of electrical accesoires etc. I just need it to start (duh.)

I’m looking for something lightweight, but feel like a racing battery like an Odyssey might be somewhat overkill. I figured maybe a motorcycle battery could work? As it only needs to crank a small 3 cyl so to speak.

What would be the most reasonable buy concerning a battery?

Also does anyone know the amperage of what the alternator charges the battery with?


Alternator on my EJ is only about 40A

I don’t know if a motorcycle battery will have enough power. But I’m really happy with Motobatt. I always had starting problems with my bike (660 single cylinder) but with the Motobatt no problems.

I have used bike batteries on ef/ed franken in my old move and currently have one that will start my ejde. They do run out quicker if you have starting issues but that do work. Just got to make sure the CCA are big enough!

I currently have one of thee and turns over an ejde no probs.


dang hey? most standard battery’s for the EJ i have found are only 300cca, but did find a 380cca one for cheaper than an NS40z

I pretty much just had a look at all the 3cyl cars I had and worked out that a 270-280+ would work lol

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