The Rocky Obsession

Hello L2D Gang. Been a long time since I posted anything. Feroza Build is going slow, but some things have progressed, largest noteworthy update is a custom airbox/battery tray I made myself out of 3mm aluminium.

But the bigger projects… Jesus. Decided a trip home to SA would end with driving a White TD F78 Rocky, bought spontaneously, back across the Nullarbor to its new home… with a crunchy gearbox and no fifth (previous owner must have done the old fifth gear detent trick)
Blew third gear an hour into the trip and spent most of the drive in fourth, struggling to change any gears at all. What an awesome adventure…
Then began the repairs. Bought a “parts” Green TD F78 Rocky, solely for the gearbox. The parts rocky was still road registered (a big deal in WA where roadworthy inspections are done if the car even becomes unregistered) so I swapped over all the good parts onto the running Rocky.

Then… the second “Parts” Rocky , two tone black on grey was bought, an old F75 Turbo Diesel with solid running gear, bar a busted transfer case, and tri spoke alloys with -35 offset. Awesome buy. So I swapped every last bolt on part of the engine from a DL-52, onto the DL-51 from the Rocky. Swapped the transfer case. Installed the running gear into the original “parts” Rocky… and then found out a linkage had slipped in the gearbox. Out comes the box and engine together (since I hadn’t plumbed everything in just yet)
Took the top of the gearbox off. Worked though how the linkages work, back together. Installed back in… and fired her up, runs like a dream! So happy… until it came time to reverse out the garage. No reverse. And that’s where I’m at. About to pull a gearbox out and sort the linkages for a second time. But I did drive it, and it was glorious.

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