Theme change

Was there a update of the site in the last week? Everything looks different and the site is sluggish as hell on the mobile.

HI @Mophius

The theme has been changed to suit mobile since with the recent updates to the software for the forum the current theme was not fitting correctly.

If you would like to utilise the previous theme.

Click your profile icon → Profile
Then select Preferences

Then choose interface


This will revert you to the previous theme.

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Yes it worked! Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: damn, never knew there were this many themes, now I’ve got to try them all

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Id value your feedback

I actually just reversed the theme for the moment whilst I repair something but it won’t alter the theme you choose personally.

Well they all work and most of them work smooth just like the “original” ( I use the L2D ReEngineerd Theme). I just like the style of this one better. The one that I woke up with this morning was a bit laggy, like it would react 0,1 sec after I pressed something. I also prefer some space around the edge and some themes have the text right up the edge. All in all mostly just like this theme for the fond and styling.

The new theme has been pushed to be the main theme.

As noted above you can change the theme personally back to the older one if you wish.