Thijs' Daihatsu Valéra G203

Progress on my new Daihatsu Valéra. Some may remember i used to have an L7 but i kind of forgot about the internet forum and messed up. A bit more time further, i’m now the owner of a Daihatsu Valéra G203 which is just the Chazza Sedan but they sold it under this name in the Netherlands.

My L7 is in hands of Bryan who is also on the forum.
Hopefully i can keep things updated and tend not to forget and make a dope car out of the Valéra

So I think it’s time for a well deserved update! I wanted my car to be low already but there were some things involved that slowed the progress, painting wheels, being pretty blind and noticing on the last moment 2 wheels weren’t gonna fit. So i need a matching pair again hahaha.

Anyhow i’m now having a Rial mesh 13x6,5 pair up front and Watanabe’s on the rear , i’m busy getting 2 more Watanabe’s cause they’re really nice.

The starter broke so i fixed that and now i also have to replace the distributor rotor and cap. All together the Valéra is becoming a better car and i love it even more, and i’m learning more stuff bit by bit.

The new starter

And some pictures of the current exterior (keep in mind there will be Watanabe’s up front in the near future)


Yay! :partying_face:

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