This is me and my G200, hello

Hello :wave:

I’m not super new but hey anyway - this is my G200 charade. 24 years young and in mostly tippy top condition - bought it with 25,000km on it from an older owner and it’s been downhill for it since then ahah.

Will get around to collating a bunch of images from around the place and doing a proper build thread in the future but here a quick rundown:

  • 2" extractors + 2 1/4" extractor back - questionable cat, single muffler
  • 15x7 no brand trispokes - heavy as balls but my option until i’ve sold the required organs to buy a set of watanbes
  • 205/50 r15 Toyo T1r’s - agressive…ish but also all weather friendly, a definite recommend if you’re in the market for decent tyres - comparible, if not better, than re003s
  • yellowspeed 5/7kg coilovers - the classic charade coilover, but definitely recommended too
  • (not pictured yet) Detomaso front bar
  • Detomaso dash cluster - i can see the revs!
  • Sparco sprint bucket seat - like sitting in a hug
  • rjays 6 point harness - only use 4 points, fire me.
  • momo 320mm tuner steering wheel - the. balls. :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:
  • lack of rear interior - who needs passengers anyway
  • pioneer sound throughout - woo
  • custom made rear strut brace - feat. checker-plate, i know i know, beautiful
  • new, overworked cvs - who thought 15x7s was a good idea
  • mario mini mushroom -


  • watanabes - get in meeeeeeeeeee
  • one of those little tinted charade wings - i just want one ahah
  • itbs - sorta in progess
  • new brake setup of some sort - dk what yet, open to suggestions. The current stuff holds up alright through the hills and for a while at the track but when they’re gone, they’re gone

Cheers, Tom - you’ll see me around probably, maybe.


Shitty phone photos but here the front bar, seat and harness


welcome to the forum Tom, been discussing brakes on fb :smiley:

welcome man I have seen your charade in facebook and its loks really good man. Love the hug too (i mean seat)

Where’s this discussion mokeman would love to have a look. :d

@viblu honestly can’t find it will start a thread

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Hey man, welcome to the forum.

For those that don’t know @tomothy13579 is actually a decent photographer and is the guy that made the article on Slow Life about my car:,d.d2s


Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Yea would be interested in seeing what different brake changes people go about, i’m in a half mind to just keep the stock sizing and run better pads and find some decent rotors in that size.

Ahahah thanks Tom, yea when i’m not working or putting shit in the charade i take photos occassionally ahah

like to look of the G200 on the photo’s in you’re first post, simple but efficient.

and really good photo shoot of a good looking Gino :slight_smile: