This seems to be the place

I have been trying to learn as much as I can about the Mira and google kept pointing me here. I have found a lot of good info here so decided to join. In the coming days, I hope you can help out a Mira noobie!

Glad to be here


Welcome Dave! Do you already have a Mira? If so, show me those pictures!

There is allot of knowledge on this forum so plenty to learn :slight_smile:

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You are most welcome Dave we have a wealth of info here and just jumping in and saying hi encourages more of us to help where we can. It isn’t as fast as facebook etc for replies but there is a lot of info in here to search while waiting for an answer but most of us usually jump into to help.

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I appreciate the welcome!
Here are a couple pictures of the Mira. Not familiar with the site yet on how to attach, but I’ll see if this works.


It worked and wow very nice indeed!

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Looks awesome!

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Thank you for the kind words. I looked a very long time to find this particular car. It’s from Yokohama/Tokyo region and has 80k on the clock.

I need to work out the suspension on it. I’ve always been a coilover guy and all I could find was the Malaysian sets. Thanks to this forum I believe I will go another route. I plan to use the Excel rear shocks and RSR springs. Not having much luck finding front struts. I think I found the KYB I need but seem a little spendy at AU $570 for 2 struts. I will create a new post for this.

Also, it has a small issue when turning hard left or right it will make a slight noise. The dealer replaced the CV but did not solve the issue. I’ll have to figure that bit out and will most likely need assistance there. I’ll again create a new topic for this.

I’ve been into 90s Japanese since, well, the 90s haha. It has always been my joy to both drive and modify/restore. I currently own a few 90s era and happy to have another to add.



The noise on hard turning could be the bearing at the top of the struts. I had this happen on my Sirion.
As for front struts, the ones I got from Malaysia for my move worked very well with my RSR springs. I think they would be the same or very similar to the Mira. People have also used s13 front coilovers. Some of the holes need to be notched, but I don’t know specifics.

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So you’re the guy who bought this car! I live like 20 minutes from the dealership you bought it from, they had it posted for sale for a while, maybe two years? Every now and then I’d check back on their site to see what weird, interesting japanese cars they had for sale. At first I just thought that this Mira was a weird little thing, but over time it grew on me. But when I finally had some extra garage space and decided to go take a look, I found out it was pending for sale. I looked at a couple Subaru Vivio RXRs and a rusty Cappuccino, before driving 9hrs south and buying a Mira Avanzato R4. Still waiting on shipping, though. How are you enjoying the car so far? Are you in the area?