Tie rod ends (outer's)

ok so I am hoping someone can help me solve this issue. With some modifications I have made I need longer outer tie rod ends for my L200.
They need to be 20 to 30 mm longer than stock but 20 to 25mm preferably. So the overall length measuring from the middle of the ball joint to the end of the tie rod needs to be about 110mm to 120mm.

I am terrible with knowing what threads are etc but do know that the female thread on the tie rod ends is the same as the front shock bolts what ever they are and look to be 12mm. The part that goes through the hub looks to be about 14mm diameter but looks to be the same size for a lot of small car’s

If anyone knows what would fit or a good place to try or website link that may help. That would be great. I tried my local auto pro and repco to see if they would even help me and the useless pricks would not even have a look at anything they may have.
I have a feeling that another dai or small car maybe able to be a good solution. I have tried looking at adjustable and all I can find is nissan stuff while I think it would probably fit I cannot find and lengths.

I have made up a mock tie rod end by welding 2 nuts on the end so i can steer the car when its rolling. However even though I used a good old arc welder to weld the nuts on Im not sure how confident I am in actually driving the car with this mod.

Anyway if anyone knows any outer tie rod end that may work or have one you can measure can you please help?

There will be something in Toyota’s line of spares. Not sure which, but I’ve been there before and sat in a parts store going through the boxes. Will be M14 x 1.25 (I think). Will attempt to have a look when I get home.

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Thankyou Mr G parts stores have been less than helpful. I almost think that appalause or sirion will be the answer but from what I can gather the socket part where the rack end goes is 12x1.25 I think.

@Mr_Gormsby I may have found a solution so dont panick yet I will know tomorrow if it works. :slight_smile:


The taper is also important, there are many different types

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sorry I should have replied the solution was rack ends from a yrv.

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Just realized the last post was from July.
It’s kinda weird sometimes old threads will just randomly show up in the list of unread stuff at the bottom of the screen, I don’t usually pay attention to the dates and just reply thinking it’s a totally new one.
Anyway glad you got it worked out :v: