Hey guys. About time i introduce myself. I swapped a set of wheels for this four door J.
Its auto
Slow as hell.

I recently had my leg broke and have 3 months off work so i sold my rx8 and found this little rig which enables me to get around… so for the next three month im gonna be playing with this thing fixing it up… so far ive just given the inside a decent tidy up, ive dropped engine oil, done oil and fuel filter and had a dirty catch can laying around which i fitted up ehh.

Also if someone has a super tidy cuore for sells let me know !




welcome mate looks like a nice tidy mira you have there.

Body is ugly but interior is super tidy!!! Cool little daily anyway

Welcome. Have been there too with broken leg (road motorbike accident), three months off work way back in 1989 and bought an auto Datsun 1200.

sorry tidy not being the right word. Maybe straight is a better term for what I meant :slight_smile:

For a car thats only had 86xxxkms put on her the body has been quite neglected. Possibly being really picky. I used to have another J about 8 years ago which was borderline showroom spec. Fuck i miss that thing. Alas tinkerbell will do for now

Managed to pick these wheels off a fellow member!!! Lovely to meet you by the way (cant remember your username sorry).
Ive Got a new set of tyres coming in 145/70/r13.

Ive been trying to get hold of woodworx garage to get a set of camber tops and a few other things.

New tyres, and a good wheel aligment with a little neg camber and these wheels will fit mint

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you must have got them off Col. They are my old wheels I had on my move. :slight_smile:

I must have!!! Super nice dude!!!

Had a bit of time to play around today and had these Phoenix gold 6 inch speakers out of another car i just sold… so in the went to match the phoenix 4inch speakers up the front