TIres, suspension and chassis

Good primer on suspension and tires (albeit mostly for open wheelers)

Khancross and Autocross set up info (go through the stuff on tires and suspension)

To Decrease Understeer To Decrease Oversteer Adjustment
Higher Lower Front Tire Pressure
Lower Higher Rear Tire Pressure
Larger Smaller Front Tire Section
Smaller Larger Rear Tire Section
More Negative More Positive Front Wheel Camber
More Positive More Negative Rear Wheel Camber
Toe-out Toe-in Front Toe
Toe-out Toe-in Rear Toe
More Positive More Negative Front Caster
Soften Stiffen Front Springs
Stiffen Soften Rear Springs
Smaller Larger Front Anti-sway bar
Larger Smaller Rear Anti-sway bar

High Performance Handling Chart


Hi Guys, Ive been developing a suspension tuning App with a guy i know, Just wanted to post a link here. At the moment its quite raw, but this is only a prototype.
I was hoping a few of you could jump on it and take a look if everything is working properly, and let me know what you think about it.
The idea is you make a profile for your car and select all the adjustable things you have, then you select which problem you have (understeer in the turn entry for example) and it gives you a list of possible solutions for that problem based off your car profile.


looks good mate I just had a very quick play with it and my only criticism at the moment is it needs needs to be less left on the page on the first screen. Its been along time since I have done any coding but maybe add margin or padding to the home screen or possible use a div box? other screen’s look great though and works fine. I love the idea.

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This is only the prototype, we are just working the result filtering and inputting all the info ect. The finished version will have screens that look something like this:

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oh that will look sweet.

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Looks good Mick. How complex will the app get? E.g. Will the profiles eventually have details like current spring rate or ride height and then suggestions on how much to change them?

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First variable to start with is tires - tire pressures.

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Yeah thats the plan, the user will have a table where they input all their settings like spring rate, camber, toe ect, then the solutions would be filtered down even more for example if toe is at 0 then all “adjust toe towards neutral” results would be omitted. Any values that are extreme would be “flagged” and solutions relating to “flagged” values would be shown at the top of the list. So if you write in the table you have 15mm toe in it would be flagged, all increase toe in results would be omitted and all reduce toe in and increase toe out results would be listed as priorities. Telling the user exactly how much to increase/decrease is almost impossible, every car/setup is different. But you should only make adjustments in small increments anyhow.

At the moment tyre pressures are the first results in the solution list. As we get further with it we will include a guide for determining the optimum tyre pressure and there will also be a tyre troubleshooter, the same as oversteer and understeer but relating to tyre wear and temps.

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I like where this is heading. A compact resource for ways to improve grip/handling would be invaluable.

Hi guys, can you have another look at the app and let me know if everything is working. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can click the buttons in profile but nothing further works from there. I can click on th oversteer/understeer options and go to different options and it gives the suggestions. sorry it seems to be working good I was just a little retarded using it at first.

Works for me. Well done.

I could throw a spanner in the works and add other variables but making them options to “check” might over complicate. May I suggest, if you wanted, a glossary to explain in general what the terms mean or do.

IE increased positive castor- increases higher speed stability, helps steering self-center, increase neg camber gain when turning and has a deter-mental impact on stability when reversing (not good on motokhana cars)

I did realise it was a bit disorienting, ive changed the layout again so it makes more sense. You should take another look and let me know what you think.

MrG, im open to ideas and suggestions :slight_smile:
Im currently working on info texts and a way for the user to input their current settings to filter the relsults even more. What kind of things would you like to see?

Happy to help out with this part - if you like?

Some info on tires.
castor / king pin inclination
ackerman angle
corner weight
bump (fast - what the wh
spring rates
spring types
suspension types (with info regarding pros and cons)
spring weight/unsprung weight
I could go on…

There are some good ideas there, I still gotta keep it simple enough for the average user though. I think options for drive type (fwd rwd awd) in the profile would be good in helping filter the results. A spring rate calculator will be included at some point. Also will be adding an info button for each part in the profile that explains what it is/does and how it can be adjusted. I think the best part im working on is allowing the user to input their current settings and using this information to prioritize and filter results.
Tyre info and tyre wear/temp troubleshooter is also coming soon. At the moment im focusing on making it look nice and user friendly. As Evil said, the first time is a bit tricky not knowing how it works, and it doesn’t flow very well.

with my list I was only thinking of an extensive list as a dictionary/glossary to read about what the things do - just a simple thing as opposed to the complexity of making all variables

Hi guys, can you take another look. Im interested in what you think about the visuals, user interface, icons and so on. If there is anything that feels unnatural, unfamiliar, or visually unappealing. If it takes more than a few seconds to figure out where you are and how to get back, anything at all, let me know.

@Mr_Gormsby I am working on something like that, perhaps we can go over it together when I come to visit?

Looks good. Colours could do with a bit more contrast but that might be my screen?

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