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Hi all,

And then there were two…

Whilst in the process of selling a car, which I still have because I just can’t part with cars I have maintained myself, I ran into a white -I like white-, 1992 -I like 90s cars- 3 door -no preference here- Domino/L200 -CUUUUUUTE- in pretty good state. Had been the proud pet of a 83 y/o lady who lost her driving license from new. The little Domino just had to come home with me so bought her on the spot. Wiffie is used to my antics so some sort of understanding but it took days… Took a few weeks before Domino -read on- was home as the dealer found out that the cooling fluid had to be replaced and it still had to pass the MOT. Took them a couple of hours and a complete professional clean of their premises to do so as a compressor on an open cooling system can create rather a mess :slight_smile: Not sure about the MOT…

Absolutely loved her, registered her as Old Timer, and even though I had planned to only use her in summer, I found myself using her 847 CCs at every possible opportunity. Since then, I put on a new set of MileStone Green Sport tyres, which are remarkably good value and still available in the correct size and bought a spare carby from the breakers as the one in the car had been professionally botched by someone to a manual choke solution. The original wax based unit had perished in the last 28 years. Sadly enough I have not been able to get Domino to idle properly on the replacement carby, even though I took the new one completely appart for a proper clean. Still looking for a solution there.
Whilst replacing the carby the plastic connection piece in the coolant system (5 way and some sort of black plastic) broke off and several glue, melt and other non-sensical approaches later, I decided to have 2 seriously snazzy stainless steel replacement made ar Roothans in Valkenswaard. They look the part and no risk of breaking those :slight_smile:

And then the madness began; very close to me, another Domino, a white, 5 door, 1991 model had been gathering a beautiful iron layer as it had been parked on a lawn under the garden sprinkler for well over 10 years. The poor thing looked soooo sad on the photo’s and even more sad in real life that I just could not resist and decided to renovate the little pet. I know, but I’m not responsible for my own genetics. Rented a trailer, got the brakes sorted and it was just great to see the two little Domino’s meet. It took many hours/days/weeks to get the lovely orange layer off her without going back to bare metal, took a couple of weekends to carefully cut out the odd rusty spot, cleaned and protected the engine bay against rust, cleaned the carby and rest of the stuff, dumped the old tar from her engine, had her sit for a day or so in Diesel with manually turning over the engine on a regular basis and then tried to start her. Engine runs fine on gravity feed so fuel pump is culprit. Amazing; after 10+ years on the lawn… Proper Technology!

So; the immediate future will bring dropping the fuel tank and checking the rest of the fuel system on Domini -Yes, I know I do not have a great sense of creative naming-, getting the rusty areas welded by someone that is capable of doing that without severely mutilating the rest of the bodywork, get the interior sorted as the roof lining looks like &^(#^ and give the brake system a proper going-over.
Also got 4 new tires for Domini and she looks sexy as hell already!

Anyway, as I’ve just started on these little gems, I could do with a bit of help here and there, especially concerning the carby and how to best set fueling and ignition set up. Any hints on that welcome…

Looking forward to lots of happy reading and posting.


Better provide some sort of proof…


welcome and sounds like you really like a good project :slight_smile:

Hi EvilHighway. Wiffie being a genuine Melbs True Blue helps. Grew up around V8s on the kitchen table and as for me; it was VW 1600 dual ports and LR TD5 all the way :-). Spent some time around outstations with a 64 combi many decades ago which makes one rather resourcefull. These little Miras are quite amazing on loose surfaces as well. Weight and simplicity :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for your kind welcome… Sjef

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You really like white xD nice project :slight_smile: