Tom, Mira Gino and all things Woodworx

Hey guys, I’m Tom
You may have heard from me in the past, either Facebook or the (old) Daiforum. I have an extensive Daihatsu history (only brand I’ve ever owned) yeah that’s sad :joy:

How good is this new website! :open_mouth: it even has Emojis! :innocent:
looking forward to keeping an indexed database of information for all Dai enthusiasts

I currently own an L700 Daihatsu Mira Gino that started life as an Australian delivered Cuore. I also run a South Australian based Facebook Mira and Cuore group where things for sale and meets get organised like this:

Beyond that, I run Woodworx Garage which is a small Facebook based store helping Daihatsu Mira and Cuore owners find quality aftermarket parts from Malaysia and the world. With the most common items being lowering springs and tail lights. Feel free to inbox me here or via the facebook page and I will do my best to find any technical info or products you may require.

Here’s me and my Mira Gino from a photoshoot and article by Slowlife in Adelaide, you can read all about it Here

I’m currently living abroad in Scotland, UK working and desperately miss the Daihatsu scene back in Australia. I plan to be back in January with bigger and better plans for the little Gino.


This car is Awesome :heart_eyes: can’t wait to see what you have planned :smiley:

Great Stuff Tom, Great to see you here mate :+1:

Welcome across to L2D mate!

ill be putting some photos of my gino up soon :scream:

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Good to see you’re here too mate, site is indeed epic! Love your car and I can’t imagine how hard it is being away from it haha.