Tom, Mira Turbo from Melbourne

Hi all,

I’m Tom and this my L200 Mira turbo.I live in the city and use it as a run about. It is a fun little car and always brings a smile to my face no mater where I drive it. Things I wish todo to it is:

  • Door shut respray as paint is faded
  • Find a roof headliner for the interior
  • Some floor mats
  • Install factory aircon if I can find a complete system

Look forward to speaking with you all.



Welcome Tom good to see another mira in here :slight_smile:
I think I have seen this mira before? Looks familiar.

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Welcome Tom! Your Mira looks awesome! haha. The wheels make it :ok_hand:

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Hi mate welcome.

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Yo, hey … Are red ones Fasta

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they are always faster lol