Torquey Terios

Looking at getting a Terios J100 or J102 and would like to know what, if any mods there are to increase the low down torque to aid the off roading.

Here is what I have deciphered so far:

The J100 has an ‘H’ series engine, as does the Sportrak (Feroza) would, by fluke the 1600 go into the Terios without a fight?

The J102 had a limited run with the K3-VET, which is also found in the YRV Turbo - with the Terios having a longitudinal layout and the YRV having a transverse layout would this cause issues putting the YRV lump into the Terios? There is of course the issue of the YRV Turbo being auto only and me being a strictly 3-pedal kind of guy.

I also thought of putting the YRV Turbo bits onto the Terios engine (with a thicker head gasket to reduce compression ratio) which may be the simplest route.

What are peoples thoughts?

The terios also came with the normal k3-ve, with a gearbox and engine mounts from one of these the k3-vet would be very straight forward conversion I would say. Better torque could be achieved with headers and a longer intake pipe.

Looking forward to hearing more :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, I’ve searched high and low for any information regarding this swap…or any K3 mods for that matter but it would seem no one has put anything on the internet. I can’t be the first person in the worldto seriously think about doing it.

I would imagine I’d need to keep the Terios sump for the baffles and perhaps look at a coolant reroute to compensate for the change in engine orientation.

Thanks again.

Then you haven’t looked hard enough, look at my build thread sirion awd conversion/ autoX build, there are some interesting K3-ve mods. Mr Gormbys not quite track build thread, intake pipe lengths and how they affect torque are discussed there. I sound just like Mr G right now, but use the search function built into the forum and you will find alot of great information

1 Like you can do part number cross referencing to see what parts are the same and which are different

If you get a Terios with a 1.3 H-Series then a 1.6 HD swap should be an easy option - this motor has good torque for an NA 1.6. Camtech and Tighe cams offer mild camshaft regrinds that would benefit low and mid range power.

The 1.6 would be a straight drop in replacement, only real physical differences are the block height is 10mm taller, there was one for sale on gumtree about a week ago. Never new the terios’ came out with the turbo motor as it’s not mentioned in the manual i have or them, but wouldn’t be hard to do, honestly though for torque i would think an SC14 supercharger would be better than a turbo. Just my 2c worth

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