I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find anything but was a towbar released for the L700? Am I able to use a towbar from a mira, sirion or charade?


Fwiw I have a towbar on my L200 that I’m gonna pull off as it’s useless on a track car. I’ll go down and take some photos of it tomorrow so you can see how it attaches to the car, if you’re keen on it I’m sure we can work something out cheap cheap…

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Thanks Daiharris! I’m definitely keen! Keep me posted.

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Generally towbars are model specific so I wouldn’t expect a L200 towbar to fit on an L700. I work for a towbar manufacturer here in NZ and we don’t bother making off the shelf towbars for cars with towing capability less than 500kg as demand is generally to low. Custom made is always an option but the price is scary.

Iv got a towbar for a l700 here.
It’s missing the tongue I’m pretty sure but the actual mount part is here.
I’ll take a pic.

Thanks Paul, keen to have a look. The tongue is the bit that the trailer sits on right?

The bit that bolts into there I don’t have I don’t think. Unless it’s in the boot… Iv never looked in the boot.