Track day in July

@b_hoves has/is organising a track day and meet for July. I will add the event link here on facebook. I assume everyone here is on facebook but if not and you want to attend maybe send b_hoves a msg to get details.
Besides this pic the details the details I know is that it is $115 per person it is run from 1pm to about 4:30. we would like 15 daihatsu’s to attend and if not enough interest it will be filled with non daihatsu’s and if it is filled and there is more interest then there may be a second group.
Payment details are $20 for a day licence unless you have one already. the the balance to Mr hoves by the date he tells us. Your car needs to be a road registered car due to insurace of the raceway. It will be done like a time thing where we will get (our group) 15mins on the track at a time and that could be 4-5 times Im guessing.
That’s all I can think of but if you are interested Please contact Mr Hoves to get it and for more details.
P.s I have already paid my $20 so im in! :thumbsup:

and here is the link

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Thanks for adding the link to the forum Jimmy. All the information you provided sounds correct. There will also the chance to hire offical timing devices on the day for $20. All drivers must wear long sleeve shirt, pants, closed in shoes and an Australian Standard Helmet.
Unfortunately, the person that deals with booking has had a hard time in the current weather. and so will be off for at least a week. Another employee will be taking the role temporarily starting Monday. I am hoping to have the event up on the Lakeside calendar on Monday afternoon so that we can book into the event.

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Event is now up on QLD raceways calendar. Please go to the event page for info on how to enter.


This is on tomorrow so anyone that is in Qld please feel free to come along to spectate. There will be quite a few L2D members there (alot from facebook) but Myself, @FrankEnstein, @Mr_Gormsby and my daughter are in the event. It starts ant 1pm and free to spectate.

(Lakeside park is the place)

Here is a pic of mine and my daughter’s car ready to go tomorrow. (mine is the silver move)


Kudos goes out to @evilhighway and @FrankEnstein for doing their builds under pressure and submitting the cars to the track upon build completion with minimal tuning

Best of luck guys, wishing you a happy Dai


Thanks man I got my tune somewhat good today and as soon as it was good enough for the track (still overfueling lol) It was taken to servo filled with fuel washed and put on the trailer. :slight_smile:
Also I think @frankenstein is still going and knowing him he will be at it all night or get a couple of hours sleep and be at it agiain in the morning b4 hand.