Trxx cluster install

Just bought a trxx cluster from Malaysia and it arrives today. Looks cool af.

Plan is to install it into my 95 L500 Aus model with the Ef-el motor if it’s straight forward enough otherwise it may need to wait for the engine swap.

The dream would be that it’s plug and play with the old cluster but it seems unlikely. Second best would be it’s all plug and play except for the tachometer which needs some additional wires added to the plug but already exist in the loom somewhere waiting to be spliced.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for installing this beast?

Car is my daily and I don’t want to get half way through the job to find out it’s going to require additional parts or major rewiring.

Any thoughts links idea or photos welcome.


I have tagged you where the information is

that is a L200 cluster. But you’re lucky! the l5 plugs are a direct fit! but you will need to repin. best way is to trace the tracks on the cluster and use the guides to identify the wires.

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