TRXX dash wiring

TRXX dash wiring

Yellow blue – fuel Brown white – neg
Orange? Red white - ign
Yellow – temp Green blue – engine light
White red – charge Brown - speed
Yellow red – oil Red black – dash lights
Red – park White black – earth/neg
Red green – high Light green - speed
Green black –LH indicator
Green – RH indicator

TR-L200 to L201 and L501 XX speedometer harness

>> Daihatsu >> L201 EFI conversion

Who wants to have a somewhat special in speedometer Cuore, must look to Japan. There were special models for virtually every vehicle from Daihatsu and therefore there are also accessories that are simply not to buy the rest of the world.

As you can see in the photo, so bring a speedo a very different atmosphere, because it is better quality processed and a touch of sportiness - thanks to the central tachometer - sprayed.

Added this speedometer has actually everything onboard, what can the conversion of a Cuore L201 (E-carburetor) to Cuore L501 technology (fuel injection system, possibly Euro 2 emission standard) is required, as these TR-XX speedometer already on the sensor and signal conditioning for the EFI own control unit.

Nevertheless, one can use as a tachometer with a standard production Cuore L201 with E carburetor.

The conversion is relatively simple:
1 you need a hazard warning symbol (eg from a speedometer of Daihatsu Applause) and must replace this with the catalyst overheating icon. This overheating warning symbol is used only in Japan and can therefore be exchanged for Europe.

2 Do you have to change the wiring harness connector from the TR-XX speedometer. For this you only need a screwdriver Precision Engineering (1mm or less), because you can then remove the individual plug-in multi-connector contacts. Then the multi-plugs are plugged back together again in the correct order.

3 On the back of a small tachometer conversion must be done so that the warning indicator icon behave properly. How to create the image of me, the tracks must be cut by 3 small incisions and then 3 cables (In the picture in blue) soldered.
Especially when soldering you should already have some experience, that’s not the thin films are destroyed.

Good luck with the conversion.

(Note I take no credit nor liablity for this info. If you wrote it please let me know so I can acknowledge you. This was found during a hard drive clean up.).


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