Tuk Tuk engine ED-10?

Hi Daihatsu enthusiasts,

Recently I’ve acquired a Tuk Tuk with a beautiful Daihatsu engine, unfortunately it has started leaking and I’ll have to replace the engine. Not sure but I think it’s an ED-10 Cuore. Could anyone help me out to make sure I’ll find the right engine!

Thanks in advance!



G’day mate and welcome to the forum. Yes it appears you have a 6 valve engine. If the marking “ED” is on the block, it is indeed an 850 cc engine. If it is leaking you can buy new gaskets via eBay.
Is this engine installed slanted ?

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welcome to the forum . Finding another ed10 may be a challenge depending on where you are in the world. The ed20 is also the same engine but is fuel injected but all your carby stuff can go over. It it’s just leaking like many of them do then as Dale said above you can get gaskit kits to fix them which may be your better option.

What is the details with the gear box ? Its one of the first times I have seen a rwd gearbox on an ed10.

Hey, This is sooooooo amazing, Also you can get full gasket kits on aliexpress very cheap.

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Wow, out first Tuk Tuk. Weldcome. So cool. Would love to see and hear how this all goes.

How many people can a TukTuk carry?

Nobody knows.

But I did see 14 adults and children on one in India 18 months ago.


Thanks everyone! The engine itself is completely broken and I won’t be able to fix it. Anyone any tips where to find another ED-10 engine? Currently based in the Netherlands. Any websites I could check?

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress :wink:


ed engines are harder to find in australia these days. Would you look at an efi conversion for the tuk tuk at all? If you did you should be able to bolt an ejde engine from a sirion or L700 mira /cuore to fit but the manifold may be an issue along with other issues you may find. It would also bring it up from 850cc to 1L.

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hi Pollies

I have A TukTuk Sabia which has the Diahatsu engine Identical to the one in your photo its a 659cc
I need an engine manual for it but struggling to source one, can anyone help please.